Design + Research Portfolio

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OX-B’s Restaurant

Logo + Packaging

OX-B’s is a “fast casual” restaurant whose menu includes things like wings, fries, cornbread, pork rinds, baked beans, coleslaw, and mac & cheese. They have a unique facility that utilizes storage containers with an expandable footprint from a simple “grab and go” style restaurant to a “multi-unit sit down” style. As a new business with little brand awareness they were in need of an attention grabbing visual presence that conveys the uniqueness of their facilities and cast-iron, southern aesthetic but also projects a sense of cleanliness and a high quality product.

The color scheme is inspired by the gamecock breed of chicken. A subsequent 2-color version was developed based on client budget considerations. The custom logotype evokes the idea of “chicken scratch” and reinforces the rustic, industrial aesthetic of the welded chicken graphic.

Roberge + Meacher Wedding

Wedding Collateral

The overall aesthetic of these designs are intended to evoke a minimal, elegant, and modern feel. High emphasis on graphical information over heavy wording and content, meant to set a light and easy mood for the event. The color palette emulates the decoration and attire of the event.

The Gamer Nerd

Website + Community

This site is a personal side-project. Using my hobby of tabletop and video gaming, I’ve grown The Gamer Nerd into a community of nerds with like-minded passions. Nerds have this tendency to take things to an obsessive level, the terms “obsessive” and “nerd” go hand and hand. “Nerd” in this case is a term of endearment.

The nerd glasses are a recognized symbol of nerdiness. The color palette is inspired by the 80s arcade aesthetic of unapologetically bright and vibrant colors.


Mobile App

Mobile App designed for dementia sufferers and their caregivers.

The design decisions made within this app are based on secondary research, observation, and healthcare industry interviews.

Often, dementia sufferers are also burdened with low vision. Large interface icons, san-serif typeface, and high contrast color palette ensure best visibility during use of this app. Strategic use of yellow as an accent color helps point out important areas throughout the interface. The design and placement of the icons are organized specifically for obvious understanding of each function and ease of access.

Hand Lettering / Calligraphy


These pieces started as an exploration of hand lettering techniques. Over time, the letterforms become illustrations themselves and a larger part of an entire image/pattern. My style of hand lettering feels a bit like “faux calligraphy” in that I produce these pieces digitally using an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil but I also rely on the traditional methods of thick to thin line transitions and variation between up and down strokes.

den’s Silver Linings

Logo Study

den’s Silver Linings (lowercase “d” is intentional) is a small business based in Manchester, New Hampshire that specializes in handcrafted jewelry. The client is an avid beachcomber, collector of vintage buttons and materials, and advocate for repurposing old things. The logo explorations are inspired by the concept of finding a silver lining in a rain cloud—looking on the positive side of things.

The Dark Knight

Lenticular Poster (3D)

This is an example of my production work abilities. I was presented with this opportunity when the Lead Designer of Trends International, a major licensor of movie posters and other entertainment memorabilia, was set back on deadlines. I stepped up and was awarded this project. This genre of poster is Lenticular, perhaps better known as “3D” (be sure to click on the image to see the animation in action). The effect is achieved with some Photoshop layering effects and a series of image manipulations.

This poster was sold at Walmart retail stores.

Tabletop Revival


This is a logo for a tabletop (board game) event company called Tabletop Revival. This company is all about building a community of like-minded people looking to have fun and enjoy the board gaming hobby through event planning and game nights. The color scheme was carefully selected to evoke a welcoming tone that is gender neutral and also playful and energetic. The imagery within the counter-forms of the lettering reinforces the playful, game inspired feeling.

Underdark Comics & Games


This client is the owner of small comic book and game store in Quincy, Illinois. The location doubles as an event space with frequent gaming tournaments and new product releases. The client wanted a clean and highly legible website with simple navigation that would cater to its wide variety of customers (from early teens to early 40s). The logo and color scheme was already set for this company—the challenge was to design a site that fit into that existing aesthetic but also elevated it. Clear inspiration from comic book and gaming culture with hints of personality and quirk.

Kitchen & Bath Gallery

Logo + Business Card + Website

Kitchen & Bath Gallery is a full service kitchen and bathroom remodeling, construction, and design company. The client wanted a branding that captured the design and construction mindset.

The visual direction for the logo, business cards, and website were inspired by blueprints and builder’s sketches. The logo is intended to show a gradual completion of a project from design to installation. The business cards are a medium that the client relies on for referrals and customer notes—a blank section was necessary to maintain that functionality. The website is a largely single page design with easy to access sections for contacting the company or requesting a quote. There is a partnered gallery page to view samples of work as well.

Architecture + Search Design

Research + Wireframe

A developed search system for an online tea retail store, the design is stemmed from the current information architecture of the site, This site has many opportunities to improve its usability and product organization.The largest return on investment would be to start by redesigning the search feature for the user who is unable to find the product he is looking for.

A “Simple Search” was developed as a straightforward search feature. Type in a keyword and results are listed accordingly.

An “Advanced Search” was also developed for a more specific search function for the higher end user of the site who has specialized tea interests.

A focus was placed on the search results. Research suggests that the user is more confident while searching if images are present to help confirm that what he found is truly what he is looking for. A hierarchy of product names, categories, prices, and descriptions ensures that the user quickly digests the information as he skims through to find the product he is looking for.

Mia Roberge, MT-BC | Music Therapist

Logo + Business Card + Website

Mia Roberge MT-BC is a Board Certified Music Therapist. The challenge with this client was to create a branding that embodied Music Therapy as a process and as a therapeutic practice. The website is informational—not only in the emphasis on contact info but the structure and delivery of the content used to explain what Music Therapy is and how it can benefit someone.

User Testing (firm)

Logo + Business Card + Marketing Collateral

User Testing, as its name suggests, is a user testing firm. I’ve developed an identity that speaks to the quirkiness of the industry term and invokes a respect for its scientific nature.

The marketing material associated with User Testing is also a comedic effort to diffuse the confusion behind what user testing actually is, observing users testing products…not actually testing the users.

Gully Transportation


Gully Transportation is a major carrier company based in the midwest. This client takes tremendous pride in their blue-collar, family owned, american business model. The design challenge was to bring this company into a modern web experience, including a responsive design to fit their on the road clientele and employees.

An emphasis was placed on clean, modern, no-frills style. The design itself gains its visual interest from photography and elegant/functional graphics.

Dirty 30!


Commissioned design for a large 30th birthday celebration. The client wanted to play with the phrase “Dirty 30” and gave me creative license to interpret that accordingly. The design itself is inspired by personality traits, hobbies, and interests of Heath. The style is meant to evoke “dirty” with an attention to the legibility of the event information.

Smoking + Health Awareness

Poster Campaign

The issue of smoking and its health effects is one that hits home to me, as many close friends have been affected by this issue. The statistic I found is targeting the African American community, which is already an under-advertised culture when it comes to health issues. I wanted to represent the facts in an interesting way; when dealing with death, one needs to tread lightly. The cigarettes in the box are imitating a bar graph, representing the astounding statistics in deaths compared to smoking in the African American community. The blurred figure in the background represents an average African American as he expresses his disgust towards the issue. His emotion translates to the information being conveyed. I shot this photo with a muted tone to reinforce the mood of the subject matter.

AOL Time Warner | AIM

Marketing Plan Book

This book was developed for AAF (American Advertising Federation). They formulated a marketing proposal for AOL Time Warner to re-image their brand and realign with the 18-24 year old demographic.

In many ways, AOL started social networking but has since been leap frogged by many companies. With the design of this book, I needed to keep the essence of what AOL started with it’s messaging service but progress it 10 years visually.

This book had to appeal to marketing board members of AOL Time Warner and still showcase the new direction of targeting the 18–24 year old demographic.

The concept that developed was a theme of emoticons and shorthand. Throughout the tech savvy demographic, the idea of emotes (smiley faces using typography) appealed to the social networking generation. A whimsical atmosphere was created to show the relation to the new demographic, but the business proposal was still the focal point enabling us to appeal to the board members.

Promote Positivity (Non-Profit)

Logo + Event Apparel

The Promote Positivity movement began as a group of teenagers from the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. Their mission is to bring to light the positive things they are doing in their community and schools. They have ambitions to be an example and positive influence to the youth in the area.

These designs were produced pro bono in my own effort to give back to the Cleveland community and support the leaders of this organization. A multifaceted logo with a variety of applications was essential for this brand. A tremendous amount of social networking is done with Promote Positivity, so a range of simplified and symbolic images have proven to be helpful. The brand has since been adapted in multiple areas throughout their company, these initial screens are the designs that I developed (any other versions of these images were not developed by me). An additional T-shirt design was developed for an upcoming 5k event.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


The Zoo uses a lot of wood carving signage to help delineate where you are. There is an opportunity to improve visibility and decrease patron frustration with the use of brighter colors. The wood grain blends into the “woodsy” backdrop of the Zoo and is easily lost in the scope of things.

Another major area of interest is time. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a sign that says “<— Monkeys” and after following the sign to the left for 10 minutes or more in the blazing summer sun, you still don’t see any monkeys. A time reference involved in the signage is a possible solution, such as an indicator that says, “A 10 minute walk from this point will lead you to the monkeys” or “5 minutes to the left, you will find flamingos”, etc.

The final major design element is engaging the children. Keeping in mind that kids are smaller and not always at the reading age, incorporating symbols and figures that are easily recognizable and at a child’s eye level is a fun and engaging answer to this problem.

Bridal Shower


Commissioned bridal shower invitation from the bride-to-be’s bridal party. The design is a visual play on the concept of showering the bride with gifts in celebration of her wedding. In this case, gifts are also interpreted as love and support with the heart iconography. The color choices match the party’s scheme with an emphasis on pastels that are warm, loving, and inviting.

Alderson-Broaddus College Battlers

Athletics Logo

The “AB” Battlers athletic department was faced with a challenge: the powers that be were looking to go in a new direction with their identity.

The “Battlers” name has history in the Civil War and represents the strength and determination of the soldiers in that era. AB wanted imagery that would inspire competition and energy in their programs. The Civil War cannon was the decided symbol to tackle their challenge.


Lenticular Poster (3D)

3D poster design for the band KISS. Trends International, a major licensor of movie posters and other entertainment memorabilia, was looking for a poster to help drive interest for their client’s “KISS 2010 Tour”.