Design Census 2017 Results

March 1, 2018 8:22 am

2017 Design Census Graphic


Over 13,000 people participated in the 2017 Census (compared to 2016’s 9,500 participants). I’m so grateful that AIGA and Google partnered up for this project—it lends a lot of credibility to our field and helps advocate for the value of design.

…the goal is to move beyond basic salary conversations and collect information that can be used to empower the design community to take charge of its professional development and achieve greater happiness through insight.

A few highlights I thought were interesting…

Demographic Info

  • 60% White, 11.3% Multi-racial, 10.4% Asian, 8% Hispanic, 3% African American
  • 53% Female
  • 9.6% don’t have a degree

Industry Info

  • 28.6% work in agencies
  • 42.1% work in-house for a company
  • Organizations: AIGA, Creative Mornings, IXDA, Freelancers Union, AAF, Graphic Artists Guild, SEGD, D&AD, TDC, ADC

Compensation Info

Annual Salary Graph and Top 10 Benefits List