2016 Reading Challenge (Goodreads)

January 12, 2017 3:54 pm

New Year’s resolutions are not usually my thing. In the grand scheme of things I think they are usually only good for setting yourself up to be disappointed. In 2016 I decided I would set a general goal to read more (with a loose goal of 18 books); not lose 100 pounds or speak fluent French (something way to ambitious). I told myself I wanted to read more—specifically read more for fun.

I’ve enjoyed using Goodreads (social network for bookworms) to keep lists of books I want to read or have read, rate and review books, mark my progress, and get book recommendations. As I look back on the books I read last year I’m reminded of how nerdy I am…

There will always be a slew of design books, a steady dose of Maurice Sendak, Graphic Novels, and a few targeted Self-Improvement books. New genres for me this year include Manga, Humor, Nonfiction, Short stories, and Memoirs.

I read 35 books total. That’s 7,192 pages!